Culture Transformation

A strong, values-driven culture is the cornerstone of high-performing teams and a successful business. We work with teams to create enabling cultures, whether that is working with individuals on specific challenges, to working with an entire business on wider company values and behaviours embedding. 

Our experience of performing culture-change programmes across a range of business sizes and not-for-profits allows us to see what’s holding your company culture back, and make the changes necessary to transform it.

Our knowledge of sustainability and social purpose issues allows us to build a culture based on your company’s true, inspiring reason for being, grounded in authenticity.

How we can help

  • Employee Engagement: demonstrating and articulating authentic values and behaviours. This could be to develop employee networks, support growth, drive productivity, or facilitate a change programme
  • Embedding Sustainability & Purpose in organisational culture
  • Building a culture (team, department or business) that facilitates business success

Some ways we can work with you

Values & Behaviours programme

Embed the values, behaviours and culture required to deliver on business ambitions. This programme is particularly valuable during times of uncertainty or change – embedding a new strategy, implementing new systems or managing mergers and acquisitions.

Personal Values Workshop

A half-day workshop which helps team members explore their personal values and how they relate to their daily working life. The purpose of the session is to help attendees better understand their positive and negative beliefs and behaviours, develop as leaders and more effectively manage stress.