Building a B2B Marketing Function to drive client acquisition

“Simon provided very strong leadership at a time that it was really required; we had grown rapidly as a team and diversified away from a ‘core’ set of services and the implications of this on our brand and communication strategies, both internally and externally, were clearly recognised, but we didn’t have the skills and resources internally to act. Everyone at Movement Strategies enjoyed working with Simon and the quality of the outcomes and the degree to which they have been embraced by the team are a reflection of his very effective style of working and the value which he delivered.” 
Simon Babes, Managing Director, Movement Strategies Ltd.


Movement Strategies is a ‘people movement consultancy’ with over 10 years experience, combining expertise in the collection and analysis of movement data with a proven track record of design and operations consultancy for the built environment. They had experienced a rapid growth rate over only a few years, from a small core team in 2012 to a team of over 40 in 2016. 

Whilst the business has grown organically very well, they didn’t have a mature marketing function. This was affecting their ability to fully articulate the value they add and deliver against their growth ambitions.


What they needed:

They needed to develop a marketing function in the business, covering people, skills, technology and culture. They also needed immediate help creating a strong brand creative and communications strategy that would drive leads into the top of their sales funnel and a suite of brand collateral which would position them as leaders in their field.


Our Approach:

Initially we conducted an in-depth piece of qualitative and quantitative research, spending time with people at all levels in the organisation to understand the core cultural and structural blockers to marketing effectiveness in the business.

We isolated some key levers to take the necessary steps forward, which included:

  • Additional specialist headcount and external skills (eg: PR Agency) to deliver marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Marketing processes to ensure the business could manage marketing activity alongside business-as-usual.
  • A shift in awareness across the business as to the role of marketing, including embedding marketing into culture and everyday work.
  • Greater participation from across the teams in marketing activity (eg: Writing content / blogs, etc)
  • New assets and technology (eg: Website) to support the marketing function.

In addition to embedding the recommendations above this, we provided marketing leadership during this period, effectively acting as the Marketing Director, and introducing:

  • A new brand strategy, positioning and creative
  • A new website Assets to support the brand strategy (brochures, flyers, etc)
  • Marketing plan and social media strategy


In 12 months we delivered against all agreed deliverables, and left the client with a marketing function that is now fully supporting the companies growth ambitions.

The new brand strategy and collateral was well received both internally and externally, and the role of marketing across the business has been greatly enhanced.


To understand how our marketing CHANGE process can help your business, get in touch with simon.