Organisations are not machines.

It’s tempting to think that a business is like a machine, with component parts that can be tweaked or levers that can be pulled to for greater efficiencies. But sadly they are not that simple.
Instead, organisations can feel more like an ocean – a sea of boiling complexity, made up of hundreds of little waves all chopping together in unpredictable ways.

To make organisations change, you need to know how to ‘make waves’.

It means starting small, but with consistency, to build momentum behind change. It means knowing where and when to apply pressure to get things moving in the right direction. It means creating champions for change across the organisation, so you’re not making waves on your own.

By creating waves, we inspire a sea change across your whole business.

Consultancies have a bad name for producing over-ambitious strategic plans that never see the light of day. Instead, we focus on small, achievable victories that show change in action. Then we create the culture and behaviours that keep the tides of change moving, long after we are gone.



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